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Why People Will Vote Against Hillary


Sully gets an email and it pretty much sums it up…

I live in Las Vegas, Saturday was my first caucus. I went to support Obama, requiring changing registration from independent to Democrat. I brought 18 voters including friends and family. All Obama supporters. Early in the campaign most of us thought we’d hope for Obama now and still vote for Hillary in November if she wins the nomination. Not now. No chance. We got the Barack-bashing phone calls. We got bullied by out-of-state Hillary workers at the caucus site telling us we were “on the dark side of the party”. We’ve seen Bill Clinton all over the local news looking more like a Karl Rove political hack than a distinguished former president. We’ve seen them try to destroy the local party and unions. In the fall if she’s on the ballot it’s not just blacks who will stay home. I know 19 white people who showed up today but won’t be there in the general election. And if we do it’ll be for McCain or Bloomberg.

Hmmm…if it’s Hillary vs. Mitt will Bloomberg run? I know I’d consider voting for a 3rd party in that case. In fact, it would be a godsend.

I guess we’ll see…