These are FAR nastier than the Obama ones in Nevada, which only mentioned his middle name. But in both instances, this feels like Republican dirty tricks to try and make the Dems go after each other even more.

Here’s the call from Veracifier….

Yeah, it’s a bunch of nonsensical garbage, but did you hear the part where the guy actually said his name was Robert Morrow?

TPM has dug into this and actually talked to the guy

I spoke to Robert Morrow by phone just now, and he confirmed to me that he’d been making automated phone calls into South Carolina. “Absolutely,” he said. But when I asked how many South Carolinians he’d called, he wouldn’t say.

He also said that he himself was responsible for the calls, not any group that he’d formed. “I’m a grassroots activist. My efforts come from Robert Morrow.” He also wouldn’t tell me how much the calls had cost or who had done them for him, because he didn’t “want the opposition to know.” When I asked if he could do them from home, he only said “you can if you want to.”/blockquote>

Hmm…he doesn’t want the opposition to know. That could still mean he’s a Repub or Dem operative. I think we’d all certainly like to know…although my money is that he’s a Repub.

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