Back in early November 2007, when Hillary had that awful debate performance, Bill went on the attack against Obama and Edwards and suggested that they were swift-boating her. Later, somebody from the campaign clarified his statement and said he was referring to the right wing attacking her again, but I didn’t buy that. And at that time I warned her…

Is he mental? Seriously, I’m not joking. Because bringing up swift boating is beyond weird. It’s a completely erroneous statement and makes Bill sound like a hack trying to defend somebody who should simply take her lumps and move on. Instead, Bill has made it seem like Hill can’t fight her own fights. That’s not good for a lot reasons, not the least of which is she’s desperately trying to escape his shadow and still has yet to do so.

Fast forward to today. Where do we find ourselves?

Ben Smith over at Politico gets an email from an Obama supporter who has noticed a trend in her circle of Hillary loving friends…

Around the office today, a number of women who were definitely in the Hillary camp are starting to feel a little sick to their stomach about the role Bill Clinton’s is playing. One remarked that she thought she would be voting for the first women president, not a trojan horse for Bill Clinton’s overactive ambition. Another friend I thought last week would definitely vote for Hillary labeled them the “Dynastic Duo” this morning and said she may switch to Obama. And finally, my best friend, who already sent in her absentee ballot says, she’s got serious “buyer’s remorse” saying she thought she had voted for the first women president, but now she’s not so sure she’s advanced or hurt women everywhere by voting for Hillary.

I think the media is missing the point like they did in NH. Bill’s role as of late is undermining the very strength derived from her seeming historic candidacy. Suddenly it doesn’t look so historic, but simply a repeat of history. Again, I’m speaking from the anecdotal perspective from women like myself here in So Cal, but this tactic seems to backfiring amongst my peer group in a significant way.

The only problem she has right now is that her campaign doesn’t REALLY know if Bill’s attacks are working or not. Why is that a problem? Because South Carolina is very likely going to go for Barack, and after that contest he’ll come out stronger. Given that, Bill will most likely keep playing attack dog because the campaign THINKS that strategy is working. But it very well may not be and it has the potential to spread enough ill will among women to swing Super Tuesday for Obama.

One thing’s for sure, Obama needs to keep pushing this dual presidency meme because there’s no way that Hillary can get around it now. Bill’s role in the campaign has gone far beyond the norm, and I doubt anybody’s going to stop him when he thinks it’s working. The result is that it will appear even more like she can’t stand on her own.

Long story short, people don’t want to vote for Billary, they want to vote for Hillary, and if she doesn’t put a muzzle on him, it may cost her the election.

Politics Bill, You're Not Helping Hillary