Sure, they’re both Obama supporters, but Kerry and Daschle are heavy hitters and the fact that they’d come out and defend Obama so vigorously speaks to a possible split inside the Dem tent.

From CNN:

Senator John Kerry, an Obama backer, wrote in an e-mail to supporters saying: “The truth matters, but how you fight the lies matters even more.” Kerry doesn’t mention Clinton by name, but says they’re fighting back against anonymous e-mails questioning Obama’s Christian faith.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, another Obama backer, says attacks coming from the Clintons are similar to what he’s seen from Republicans and called comments about Obama from former President Clinton “distortions”. Daschle says such bickering ultimately destroys the party and that it will have a “huge lasting effect down the road… if it doesn’t stop soon.”

Will it? Or is this just where the party needs to go? I guess the question is, which direction is going to win: partisan bickering or partisan cooperation?

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