With Obama so far ahead in the polls in the Palmetto State, this unspoken move makes sense. The question now is: should Barack leave South Carolina now and start criss-crossing the country before Super Tuesday?

From Wash Post:

Clinton has been focused on California, New York, New Jersey and Arkansas since her defeat in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, betting that she can sweep states where her name recognition and popularity are strong.

The logic seems simple: She represents New York in the Senate, and New Jersey is next door; she was the first lady of Arkansas for a decade; and California will be the biggest prize when 22 states vote on Feb. 5. But in a system that awards delegates by congressional district, with some worth more than others, the calculation is far from straightforward, and Clinton backers fear that the setup could boost Sen. Barack Obama if he fares well in populous corners of key states.

Her strategists call it a “game of chess,” part of the byzantine path to the Democratic nomination in a campaign that has pitted two strong front-runners and a determined third candidate, former senator John Edwards, in a tight battle from one contest to the next.

Ahh yes, Edwards. He really could make the difference if he drops out, but something tells me John’s on a different mission now. Does he want a promise of a place in somebody’s cabinet? Another VP slot? I mean, he knows damn well he’s not going to win, so what’s the strategy here?

And let’s face it folks, if he doesn’t win South Carolina, the state he was born in, he should throw in the towel before Super Tuesday. Let the two heavyweights battle it out on equal footing. He’s merely playing referee and I’m sure that’s getting old quick.

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