But honestly, so what?

From Politico:

Ron Paul, the Texas congressman frequently dismissed as a long shot candidate with no real chance at winning the Republican presidential nomination, has won nearly twice as many total votes to date as Rudy Giuliani, a candidate still widely viewed as a strong contender.

With his second place finish in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, where Paul defeated Giuliani in every county in the state, the Texas congressman has now received 106,414 votes to 60,220 for Giuliani. Both candidates have collected zero actual delegates.

Again, I say so what. It’s not like Rudy has run some amazing campaign. In fact, Fred Thompson had 123,911 total votes (not counting votes in Wyoming, which I can’t seem to find) and 8 delegates when he dropped out a couple days ago. And he did it with FAR less money than Paul. So to compare Rudy to Ron may make for a provocative story, but it ultimately means nothing until Paul starts winning some delegates.

But it looks like Rudy is in for a rough ride in his showdown state of Florida…

It’s Mitt Romney vs. John McCain in the final stretch of Florida’s crucial Republican primary.

A new St. Petersburg Times poll shows the former Massachusetts governor and Arizona senator neck and neck among Florida Republicans, while Rudy Giuliani’s Florida-or-bust strategy has been a bust.

Among Florida voters likely to vote in Tuesday’s primary, 25 percent are backing McCain and 23 percent Romney, a statistical tie, while Giuliani and Mike Huckabee were tied for third place with 15 percent each.

Rudy will need more than 9/11 to save his campaign now.

Some people have said that Paul has 6 delegates. Well, if he’s still around in April when Nevada gives them out, then yes, he’ll have them. I would be incredibly surprised if he’s still around in April. The money that you all raised in Q4 was impressive, but it’s a drop in the bucket when you’re talking about Super Tuesday.

Also, a commenter says this…

I will be voting for Ron Paul next November, some six months after April and so will millions of others from all walks of life all across this country.

EXACTLY!!! Why in the hell is Paul still running for the GOP nomination? It’s obvious 90% of you will only vote for him anyway. Push him to run a 3rd party campaign already and stop trying to win a nomination process you can’t possibly win.

Here’s an update on Florida…Ron Paul nowhere to be seen…

Why? Because he’s not competitive nationally.

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