Zogby shows him getting closer and closer to Hillary over the past few days, with Obama leading by a pretty solid 13%.

From Zogby…

Clinton won 25% support, up one point from the day before but now just four points ahead of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who continued to increase support and now sits at 21%.

Edwards has been edging upwards since Zogby International has been reporting its tracking survey ahead of Saturday’s vote. He is up six points in the past two days. Some of Edwards’ new support appears to be coming from voters who had been undecided. A day ago, 13% of likely voters were undecided, but now just 7% said they weren’t sure whom they’d vote for, the latest survey shows.

So what if Edwards finished 2nd or even a very, very close 3rd? Could that give him a shot in the arm to move forward? Would he start to split Clinton’s vote if he did keep going? And what would another 3rd place win for Hillary do to her credibility on Super Tuesday?

Still, one has to ask the obvious question…does Edwards have much credibility when it comes to leading the country or is it mostly hype? Ed Morrissey parses through a column by Krauthammer and comes up with this…

Edwards, Krauthammer points out, only served a single term in the Senate, and spent half of it running for President in the 2004 cycle. He spent the last year repudiating his entire three years in public office. The entire message appeared to be, “Vote for me — I got duped!”

The “Experience? What experience?” meme once again plagues a Dem frontrunner, and it looks like a hole too big for Edwards to climb out of.

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