Three big stories tonight.

First, Barack is poised to grab more than 50% of the vote. That’s huge, and especially since the exit polls suggest that the black/white turnout was roughly 52/48, not as big of a gap as expected.

Second, the exit polls also reveal that 60% of the turnout was female, making this the largest turnout for women so far. And of that number, Barack won about 80% of the black female vote and still placed respectably with white females at around 25%.

Third, and probably the most satisfying thing for me, Bill’s campaigning hurt Hillary…

Roughly 6 in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters said Bill Clinton’s campaigning was important in how they ultimately decided to vote, and of those voters, 48 percent went for Barack Obama while only 37 percent went for Hillary Clinton. Fourteen percent of those voters voted for John Edwards

Meanwhile, the exit polls also indicate Obama easily beat Clinton among those voters who decided in the last three days — when news reports heavily covered the former president’s heightened criticisms of Obama. Twenty percent of South Carolina Democrats made their decision in the last three days and 51 percent of them chose Obama, while only 21 percent picked Clinton.

Here’s more from MSNBC:

In the exit polls, we asked voters in this primary if the candidates were attacking each other unfairly. Fifty-six percent of those voting so far think Obama attacked Clinton unfairly, and while that is a high number, more people thought Clinton unfairly attacked Obama — 70%.

So, will the Clintons change their slash and burn strategy now or can they at this point?

In any event, told you so Hillary!

(PS – Edwards and Clinton might finish neck and neck, but at this point it looks like 2nd will go to Clinton by more than 5%, so it won’t be that close. More as it develops…)

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