Good news for Barack? Hillary? Edwards? The answer is all of them, because Democrats are coming out in force this primary season and that will bode well for the eventual nominee.

From The State:

Good weather and an attractive slate of candidates have South Carolina Democrats expecting record turnout for today’s presidential primary, continuing a trend seen in other early-voting states.

A big turnout likely will propel the winning candidate into so-called “Tsunami Tuesday,” when more than 20 states vote Feb. 5. But state party leaders said it also will make Democrats more competitive in South Carolina. […]

In 2004, about 290,000 people voted in the Democratic presidential primary. Party officials are hoping as many as 350,000 voters will head to the polls today. Weather forecasts are for sunny skies and seasonable temperatures.


Despite the surge in voters, though, few believe a Democratic candidate has a shot to win South Carolina in November’s general election. The numbers aren’t there yet.

Sure, but if the Dems can start to close the gap there, it could turn attention toward the state in the general election and possibly force Republicans to spend some money. And anything that depletes their resources will be welcome by the Dems.

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