The always vigilant Polimom emailed me and revealed me something truly disturbing…

I realize that you don’t control what ads google puts on your site…. And also that you probably don’t see many (most?) of them.

But I wanted to show you one that is running there at the moment:

“Barack Obama: Muslim?
Do Barack’s Muslim roots make him a ‘bad guy’ for many Americans?

Good news? I can set up a filter to block this advertiser and I’ve done just that. But can you believe this nonsense? If I could give back the money I earned on this ad, I would. This disgusts me.

So you’re probably asking yourself why I’m including the link in this post. Doesn’t it just give it more free advertising? Well, yes, and trust me, I wrestled with this, but ultimately I want people to see what’s going on. I also want to give other bloggers with Google ads the ability to go into their dashboard (Adsense Setup —> Competitive Filter) and block this URL. I just did it and it’s VERY easy to do.

Also, this is news and because it’s a site that’s out in the open, and not some random email, it shines a light on the underhanded tactics going on right now to paint Barack as some hidden Muslim. So ultimately I think not being afraid to show where this filth is coming from will do a lot to mitigate it. I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime, if you see this ad or any anti-Muslim smear on my site again, please email me and I’ll keep trying to block the URLs they’re coming from. Thanks again to Polimom for alerting me this first time. Let’s hope they’re gone once and for all.

Nope, they’re still showing up below, so instead of clicking through out of curiosity, I’ll just post a pic of the article here.

I hope my filter kicks in soon, otherwise I’ll be contacting Google directly. As soon as I know the filter is working, I’ll take this photo down.

Somebody asked about setting up a filter, and it’s pretty easy.

In your Adsense account dashboard you’ll click the Adsense Setup on the top and then click Competitive Ad Filter on the menu below.

From there it’s even easier, because all you do is simply copy the domain name into the box and hit the Save changes button below.

The URL in question that you’ll want to paste in there is this one: That way NOTHING from that domain will be able to show up in your Google ads.

Hope this helps.

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