Yes, that’s how big Obama’s win was tonight.

Here are Obama’s numbers compared to the top two Republicans in South Carolina:

  • Obama: 295,091
  • McCain: 147,283
  • Huckabee: 132,440

That’s 295,051 to 279,723. Stunning.

Could Obama actually be competitive in South Carolina come election time? Some seem to think it’s at least plausible…

Obama can now say that he’s got the best ability to put southern states in play. Obama can attempt a true 50 state strategy. He probably would not win too many southern states, but winning a few absolutely obliterates the GOP’s chances in November.

If Democrats don’t realize at this point that Obama is an incredibly strong candidate, I don’t really know what’s going to sway them.

Obama is also > the total Dem turnout in 2004: 280,000.

Again, stunning.

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