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Obama’s Victory Speech


If you care to watch it and haven’t yet.

What’s interesting is Hillary didn’t give a speech. But Bill was speaking in Independence, Missouri and some think he basically gave her concession. Weird, eh?

Conservative Rich Lowry says this on Obama’s speech

Overall, a stunningly deft performance, and a moving one. It’s the best liberal case you’ll ever hear for moving on from the Clintons.

David Kopel of Volokh Conspiracy…

A citizen can disagree with governmental policy proposals of Barack Obama, just as a citizen could disagree with the the policies of Ronald Reagan. But there is no reasonable doubt that Reagan did an excellent job in his role as Head of State. A patriotic American can appreciate the good work of a President as Head of State, even while disliking much of the President’s work as Head of Government. Senator Obama’s victory speech in South Carolina suggests that he too might be an outstanding Head of State.

Maybe his resume could be a little heftier, but his ability to communicate and inspire is second to none. This much is apparent.