Looks like they’re incredibly scared of what a McCain nomination would look like, so they’re rallying around Mitt. It’s puzzling to me, especially when they railed Kerry for being such a flip flopper in 2004, but these are the times we live in and what was wrong then is now, ahem, right.

Personally, I think it’s an incredibly bad move because McCain is really the only Republican who can pull the swing voter into the Republican tent this year, but hey…they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do.

First, Captain Ed explains his thumbs up…

Over the last two weeks, my focus has come down to Rudy and Romney. Both would make good Presidents. Mitt, however, has shown that he will fight in every state, while Rudy played a bit of rope-a-dope — and has apparently lost the gamble. Until the debate, I thought Rudy might have had the right idea, but Rudy still hasn’t come out of the gate in any effective manner.

Romney is not a perfect candidate. We don’t have any perfect candidates. In fact, I could still support Rudy, McCain, or Mike Huckabee without reservation in a general election against either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I think, though, that Romney has the most staying power, the better argument, and the best resume of the remaining Republican candidates. I will enthusiastically caucus for Mitt Romney on February 5th.

Then we see former Thompsonites coming into the Romney fold, most notably Liz Cheney…

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) — Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter Elizabeth Cheney is joining Mitt Romney’s presidential bid, his campaign announced Sunday.

She previously stumped for former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee who dropped out of the race last week.

In a statement released by Romney’s campaign, Cheney said the former Massachusetts governor “has distinguished himself as a leader who can guide our country with a clear vision for overcoming the threats we face today.”

And then this morning I’m watching the McLaughlin group today and it’s Romney, Romney, Romney. Nobody is behind McCain. It’s truly amazing to see the Republican chattering class rally like this, but there it is nonetheless.

And sure, McCain is securing some good endorsements, but the institution as a whole is getting behind Romney because they think he can be a “change” agent, whereas McCain can’t. They think he’s effectively taken this message away from Obama, and I guess we’ll see if they’re right in the coming weeks.

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