After South Carolina, the Clinton team is rethinking their “Attack Bill! Attack!!!” strategy.

From CNN:

(CNN) – Democratic sources supportive of and regularly in touch with the Clinton campaign describe what one calls “a huge wave” of sentiment that Bill Clinton “needs to stop.”

The sources — who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject — act as either unpaid advisers or surrogates for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Interviewed separately, they agreed that the former president’s recent headline-generating statements “hurt more than helped” his wife’s South Carolina campaign.

His comments criticized as racially insensitive, the verbal sparring with Barack Obama, and his “scolding” of the media are “distractions,” say these Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton, says one, “needs to take and be the lead.”

I think it’s a good move. Hillary needs to stand on her own two feet and respond to whatever Obama throws at her.

And while it’s kind of sad to see, Bill really is just a loose cannon at this point, and as one insider points out…

“Something has happened,” says the source. “He just wants to help her too much, or maybe protect his own legacy too much.”

Probably a little bit of both, coupled with some guilt about the Lewinsky scandal. Whatever it is, this will probably help Hillary in the next news cycle. That is if Bill hasn’t already sullied that too.

By the way, I still won’t be voting for Hillary either in the primaries or the general election. Not after these past couple weeks. If she had won South Carolina, there’s no way she’d be pulling Bill back.

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