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Romney And McCain Call Each Other “Liberal”


And if you’re a conservative Republican, well, they’re both right.

From AP:

One day before the crucial Florida primary, Romney lambasted the Arizona senator for a host of “liberal answers” to the country’s problems. Among them: McCain’s legislation curbing money in politics, his more forgiving view of illegal immigrants and his backing of an energy bill that Romney said would raise consumer costs.

“And I just don’t think those liberal answers are what America is looking for, not for the Republican Party or for any party, for that matter,” Romney said in Fort Myers, Fla.

McCain accused Romney of “wholesale deception of voters” and of flip-flopping on the issues. […] “On every one of the issues he has attacked us on, Mitt Romney was for it before he was against it,” McCain said. […] He added, “The truth is, Mitt Romney was a liberal governor of Massachusetts who raised taxes, imposed with Ted Kennedy a big government mandate health care plan that is now a quarter of a billion dollars in the red, and managed his state’s economy incompetently, leaving Massachusetts with less job growth than 46 other states.”

McCain is really getting tough on Romney, but none of what he said about Massachusetts is false. However, he did mischaracterize Romney’s Iraq war stance, and I think Republicans who were already wary of McCain didn’t like that one bit.

Romney is getting in his own cheap shots too…

Earlier in West Palm Beach, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, drew chuckles when he recalled there was talk in 2004 of McCain teaming with Kerry on the opposing party’s ticket.

Sure, Kerry made overtures, but McCain shot him down before the conversation could ever get started. And if Romney is really running a “Washington is broken” campaign, should he really be making light of McCain and Kerry’s ability to reach across the aisle? Hmm, feels hackish to me…especially when Romney is really just a conservative-lite version of Kerry.

On to Florida…