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Michael van der Galien Still Dodging Questions


A snarky response to an earnest question:

I’m not sure whether I should feel flattered or annoyed with all the attention Justin Gardner of Donklephant has given me recently. Donklephant turning into Michael Van Der Galiën Watch? It’s great that Justin has moved from Ron Paul to Barack Obama – good decision – but it’s getting a bit much, really. As an aside, you’re free to become a co-blogger here Justin, you’re welcome.

Bottom line: Michael still refuses to back his opinions with facts.

Obviously, this is more than a little disappointing. I thought that because we’re both moderate bloggers we could actually have a genuine debate on Barack v. Hillary. Instead he’s spinning my posts as some type of quasi-obsessive behavior. Oh well.

By the way, I said this over at the other post, but let me just say it very plainly here…if you’re looking to attack Michael personally in the comments section, don’t. Either bring some substance to this conversation or don’t comment.