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Obama Raises $32 Million In January


What’s more, he added 170,000 new donors this month alone for a total of 650,000. I believe that’s the most of any candidate, including the scrappy Ron Paul.

Another thing to consider is that this is just fundraising for the month January. Any candidate would kill for this to be their 3-month total. Given that, this is easily a new fundraising record, and even if he doesn’t keep this blistering pace up it’s still very likely he could raise well over $70 million for Q1.

From AP:

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama raised $32 million in the single month of January, matching his best three-month period last year, aides said Thursday.

The money positions Obama for the sweeping Feb. 5 primary contests, when 22 states will be in play for the Democratic nomination. Aides also announced that with their money they can now advertise in states beyond the Super Tuesday contest next week.

Obama is advertising in all but two of the Feb. 5 states and plans to begin advertising in states with upcoming contests, including Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska, Maine, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

No word yet on Hillary’s numbers, but you can bet if they’re not close to Barack’s haul her campaign simply won’t bother.