John Cole nails it…

The thing that needs to be said, over and over, though, is that Rush Limbaugh and those guys simply aren’t conservatives. They just aren’t. Radically restructuring government to create an unaccountable executive is not conservative. Building a security apparatus that is designed to spy on citizens is not a conservative principle. Runaway spending and bloated budgets are not conservative ideas. Torture and permanent aggressive wars are not conservative principles. Fearmongering and keeping the electorate scared is not a conservative principle. And on and on.

But hey John, it’s good for business and that’s what these media guys know. It’s any which way the wind blows with them, but let’s not forget it happens on the left too. Ever heard a Randy Rhodes show? Mike Malloy? Ugh.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, these people are entertainers and that’s what gets lost in all the politics. And if you get the majority of your news from the Rush Limbaughs or the Randy Rhodes of the world, the so-called truth tellers, you deserve to be ridiculed for being misinformed.

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