focusing on this. Because I really do think it was one of the key factors in New Hampshire. But I think she was only able to do this once and get an uptick. This time it could actually hurt her.

See, after New Hampshire, Clinton could have ran a very compassionate campaign and appealed to the better angels of our nature. That genuine moment gave her a much needed opening since her numbers really hadn’t moved since last August. Instead, her and Bill went dirty on Barack repeatedly, and it had the effect of making that moment look staged.

Cut to today. What do you think the majority of the blogosphere is saying? Yep, she’s faking it. Even John Aravosis of the left-wing AmericaBLOG questions what’s going on…

I don’t recall, ever, Hillary being “one of those people who get all misty-eyed” at any time prior to these two really important primaries. It certainly isn’t the first time Hillary has been faced with emotional scenes. But I just don’t ever recall her being someone who teared up once a month. Which leads me to ask, what happened to change all of that? What changed in her at such a profound level, and why, as to make her one of those people who tears up? Or, is it all just a show? Either way, the question is actually relevant in determining just who Hillary Clinton is.

Also, regardless of whether the tears are real or not (I think they are), people will start asking whether or not she can keep the waterworks at bay. And that’s a fair question. Our leaders don’t need to be made out of stone, but Americans like theirs steely because that’s person we look to for strength. Especially in a post 9/11 world.

Add to this the idea that her “35 years of service” is now openly being questioned and you could have the makings of a perfect storm for undecideds to swing away from her.

I guess we’ll see…

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