An extremely impressive total, but when you put it next to Obama’s insane $32M, it feels like chicken feed.

From Politco:

Russert: Last month. You guys raised 10 million.

McAuliffe: We won the fourth quarter and the third quarter. We actually raised more in ’07 than Barack Obama did.

Russert: How’s your money holding up?

McAuliffe: It’s good. I mean, he — you said 10. We actually about did about 13 1/2, which I was very proud of. We had more cash on hand at the end of ’07. He had a great January. Hats off. I’ve been raising money for a long time. All the compliments in the world to the Obama campaign. They raised a lot of money on the internet. I heard over 25 million on the internet. Congratulations to them. No one should be worried about Hillary Clinton, though. We will always have our resources to get our message out.

One question: what would be saying now if Michigan and Florida had counted? And how much more would she have raised?

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