Because of the delegate situation and the lack of winner-take-all contests, tonight is already turning into a toss up.

From AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Consider this the beginning of a long hard slog. The grand spectacle of Super Tuesday’s coast-to-coast nominating contests marks a turning point in the Democratic presidential contest from euphoric election night victories to painstaking delegate counting. Now it’s time for spreadsheets and green eye shades.

Barack Obama won the primary in Georgia, the state with the earliest closing time. But barring a remarkable sweep of most of the 22 states in play, Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton will end the day with a mix of wins and losses. And while each will accumulate delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer, neither will have enough to secure the nomination.

“Perception is not the reality, delegates are the reality,” said Bill Carrick, a Democratic strategist based in California.

Indeed, and it’s going to be extremely tight after tonight.

Hello Super Delegates!!!

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