And not only more, but one every week?

Honestly, I wonder why. It’s only going to open her up to more moments where she has to dissemble on her Iraq and Iran votes. And as we saw in the last debate, Obama does well when he’s one-on-one.

Still, this is the word from Politico…

Debates have, generally, been stronger turf for Clinton, but it’s also a mark of the shifting dynamic: You don’t usually see the frontrunner demanding debates.

Penn said Clinton would like to see debates in Ohio, Texas, and Washington, and had already accepted three: One on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, one CNN debate in Ohio February 7, and an MSNBC debate the next day hosted by Chris Matthews.

Wolfson also said Clinton has accepted a debate on Fox News, something Democrats shunned last year. That debate is scheduled for February 11, in Washington D.C., and would also air on the local Fox affiliate.

I’d welcome more debates, but I wonder if this ultimately proves to be a good move for Hill.

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