Because of their “unique” caucus rules, West Virginians had to vote twice. After the first vote, Romney had the top spot, Huckabee was second and McCain was third. But a candidate has to get over 50% in order to get the winner-take-all delegates, and Romney only had 40.9%.

Then McCain called his people and told them to vote for Huckabee.


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee captured the 18 West Virginia delegates up for grabs at the state’s Republican convention on Tuesday, the first of many presidential contests on Super Tuesday.

Huckabee won on the second ballot, after supporters of U.S. Sen. John McCain switched their votes to him. That gave Huckabee 557 votes to 522 for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on the second ballot. McCain had 10 votes. […]

The delegate switch didn’t sit well with Romney supporters. “These are the juvenile actions of a morally bankrupt campaign,” said John McCutcheon of the Phillips Group, which supported Romney’s campaign in the state.

Poor Romney. I’m sure he’d never do anything like this if he had the opportunity…

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