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Obama Speech Liveblog


10:43 – He’s in Illinois. Pumped up crowd. Thanks Dick Durbin. Says it’s good to be back home.

10:45 – Mentions the victims of the storms in Tennessee and Arkansas. Talks about California.

10:46 – “Our time has come”…MASSIVE applause. Chants of O-Bam-a. “Our time has come and change is coming to America.”

10:47 – We’re more than red states and blue states, we’re the United States. Note…he’s not reading off of notecards.

10:48 – Seriously, this guy just owns post primary speeches. When you compare his to Hillary’s, there is no comparison.

10:49 – He’s staying on the change message. “A chorus of millions calling for change.” He’s really speaking with passion. Tons of applause lines. Tomorrow when his supporters watch this, they’ll energized.

10:50 – His supporters are chanting “Yes, we can” without prompting.

10:51 – This speech is very “Outsider vs. Washington” and he’s tying Washington’s problems to America’s problems. Again, very effective stuff. Makes a mention of the war too.

10:52 – “This time we have to write a new chapter in American history.”

10:53 – Gives Hillary some love, but then says that voters need to pick between change and more of the same, looking forward or looking backwards…

10:54 – He’s making his general election viability points…hits Hillary on Iraq, Iran, etc.

10:55 – “Our party must be the party of tomorrow.”

10:56 – Obama is reaching out to the nation tonight. Detailing what he’s going to do for America if he’s elected.

10:57 – Talking about 9/11 as a way to scare up votes. Talks about how 9/11 should unite American against the threats of our times.

10:58 – He’s talking to people who have yet to vote. He’s talks about “knowing that people know in their gut that we can take our politics to a higher level.” He tells them to not harbor doubts, he wants them to stand with him. “Ordinary people can still do extraordinary things in the United States of America.”

11:00 – Telling a story about a campaign he almost quit long ago. This is new and it’s very effective. Moving even. “The challenges we face will not be solved with one meeting in one night. It will not be resolved even on a Super Duper Tuesday.”….”We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

11:02 – He’s launching into a variation of “Yes, we can” by talking about specific people and saying, “Yes, he can” and “Yes, she can.”

11:04 – Ends with a bunch of “Yes, we can”s. Really pumped up his crowd. Obama definitely one the speech primary tonight on the Dem side.