Looks like he’ll get at least 70% of the vote, and some exit polls have him as high as 83%.

Here’s some information about the demographics…

Early information from exit polls of voters in 16 states showed Clinton winning only a slight edge among women and white voters, both groups that she has won handily in earlier contests. Obama was collecting the overwhelming majority of votes cast by blacks, and Clinton was gaining the votes of roughly six in 10 Hispanics.

And here’s some more…

In the first win of what is expected to be a long night, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in Georgia, a key Southern state, winning 86 percent to Clinton’s 13 percent, according to preliminary exit poll results.

A record turnout of African American voters, who account for just over half of registered Democratic voters in the states, surged to the polls and overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

Bottom line, first Dem contest of the night goes resoundingly to Obama.

Politics Obama Wins Big In Georgia