Josh Marshall explains as clearly as anybody I’ve heard so far.

The “party operatives and functionaries” thing is what worries me. This could potentially split the Dem party if it comes down to these partisans.

Alan Stewart Carl reminds us that this situation seems quite a bit like the last season of The West Wing

In the fictional world of The West Wing, the Republicans nominated a grumpy, moderate Republican who was disliked by his own base but had the potential to win 50 states thanks to his mainstream positions. The Democrats went through a grueling primary season, ended up at the convention without a nominee and finally chose a relatively inexperienced, solidly liberal, non-white congressman who was extremely good at giving inspiring, unifying speeches.

I didn’t watch it, but hop on over to Wikipedia if you have a moment. There are definitely echoes of what may happen in the coming months.

Superdelegates HO!!!

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