And handsomely I’m sure.

From ABC:

So it turns out the Clinton campaign may not be so cash-strapped after all… at least not as this very moment.

After offering on Wednesday to go without paychecks to help save precious campaign resources, senior staff members on Hillary Clinton’s campaign are in fact not going without pay during the month of February, ABC News has learned.

“It’s not happening,” said a source familiar with the situation.

And so I’m left to wonder why this was said it in the first place. It couldn’t be to push fundraising numbers higher, would it?

I forget I said this yesterday… and to put it in context I was talking about how her money problems were the lead on ABC News’ election coverage last night

I’m watching it now.

They’re talking about the loan AND the “staffer’s working without pay” story.

As I think about this a bit more, could it actually help her fundraising?


Were my suspicions confirmed?

Business Clinton Staff Is Being Paid