Great news for the Clinton camp and Democrats in general. It’s not as much as Obama’s $7.2M take, but it’s damn close, and that has to be heartening for her camp.

But can the numbers be trusted? Marc Ambinder thinks so…

Some of you Clinton skeptics may be taken aback at the numbers coming from the Clinton campaign in part because they are so discordant. Generally, you don’t discover a small donor base overnight…unless you are the Obama campaign. And the question remains for us longform journalists: how did the biggest fundraising machine in history with the reportedly most brilliant campaign ever end up in this situation?

But I’ve no reason to disbelieve the Clinton campaign today. If they’re raising this much money online, their major donors will feel pressure to work harder to bring in the larger donations. If they are nervous, those in their networks get nervous, and when they are bucked up, the ripple effect is the same.

Agreed. But the question is now: will these donors continue to give? Because while a nice post Super Tuesday bump is nice, she’s going to need to keep up with Obama in order to stop his momentum.

More as it develops…

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