I think this is something everybody can get behind…

Congressman Ron Paul has signed on as a cosponsor of legislation that would prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from collecting certain debts owed to the United States by members of the Armed Forces and veterans who die as a result of an injury incurred or aggravated on active duty in a combat zone.

If a service member dies in combat and has received Montgomery GI benefits, his or her surviving family members are required to repay those loans.

So far the VA has attempted to recover over $56,000 from the families of 22 deceased service members, with the bulk of the money owed in the form of college loans.

“This practice is an outrage and adds insult to injury to our fallen war heroes. They have given their lives in service to their country and they deserve better than this,” stated Congressman Paul.

“Gee, sorry your family member died for us, but there’s this matter of a certain loan…”

These families shouldn’t have to be put through this and I think the government can shoulder the burden 100 times the above amount for giving one’s life to defend our country.

I hope this legislation passes quickly.

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