Super Tuesday was a big fat bust for Ron Paul, and yet he soldiers on for the GOP nomination.


From Wired:

Paul did better in the Northern Midwest caucus states, placing second in Montana, third in North Dakota and fourth, but with 15 percent of the vote in Minnesota. He also placed third with 17 percent at the Alaska Republican caucus and, despite a fourth place finish in initial voting, got 3 national convention votes in a backroom deal with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in West Virginia.

Those finishes, while they won’t secure Paul a huge chunk of votes at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis this summer, are enough for him to stay in the race, according to his campaign spokesman, Jesse Benton, who yesterday said Paul would reevaluate after Super Tuesday and described Paul’s quest for the White House as “not completely quixotic.”.

Paul had said earlier in the campaign that he would look at Super Tuesday as a gauge for his presence in the race. As long as the support and the fundraising remained, he said he would stay in it. Paul is over $5 million in fundraising this year.

No, it’s not completely quixotic, just 98% quixotic. You see, Paul’s campaign is still holding out hope that McCain and Huckabee will both be hit by two separate meteors and the entire Republican base will change their opinions on what they’re looking for in a GOP candidate. Hey, it could happen! Umm, and…Freedom!!!

Do know that I had some amount of respect for Paul last year and going into the fall, but after the past couple months it’s pretty much all gone. This is becoming a vanity campaign, and just because he can convince people to give him money doesn’t mean he should.

So here’s the deal Ron…either declare that you’re gonna run an independent bid for the presidency or give it up. We all know that the GOP nomination hasn’t been in the cards for you for quite some time now, but you’re screwing with the emotions of a lot of people who believe in you. In fact, I’m sure some of them will show up on this post (as they inevitably do) and rip into me, tell me how awesome you are, etc., but you have to make a decision soon to give yourself a real shot at being part of the debate next fall or try in vain to be part of a GOP convention that will boo you out of the arena.

The choice is yours…

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