McCain may think it’s going to be a cakewalk to the nomination, but as TPM points out…

We already know about Kansas, which was a blowout for Huckabee. With 62% of precincts reporting Huckabee is up by 8 point over McCain in Louisiana. And Huckabee is ahead of McCain by 3 points in Washington state with 37% of the caucuses there reporting.

There’s still time for McCain to pull ahead in Washington. But even if that happens it would not do much to change the overall picture. There’s something seriously wrong when the de facto nominee of the party loses three races in one day in three different regions of the country.

Is the Huckmentum back?

McCain has pulled ahead in Louisiana and Washington…

With 89% of the votes counted in Louisiana, it’s 43% Huck and 42% for McCain; in Washington state, with 78% reporting, it’s McCain up over Huckabee by 25% to 24%.

The only way this would be a story is if Huck won. If he comes in a close 2nd, eh, not so much.

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