Now this is interesting because what it signals is that GOP voters aren’t automatically going to fall in line with Super Tuesday results. And so Huckabee is sticking in there, gaining delegates and maybe ensuring that he gets the VP spot.

From TPM Election Central:

In what will likely be taken as a sign of Republican Party disunity, presumptive nominee John McCain has lost this afternoon’s Kansas caucuses to Mike Huckabee — and it wasn’t even close. With 88% reporting, Huck has 60% to McCain’s 24%, followed by Ron Paul at 11%. Huckabee will almost certainly win all 36 of the delegates up for grabs.

McCain can’t lose this badly to Huckabee much more, but given the upcoming schedule he may not have to worry about it. Not a lot of seemingly “Huck friendly” states in the mix.

Politics Huckabee Destroys McCain In Kansas Caucuses