Well, one Democratic insider has already made up her mind…

“If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this,” Donna Brazile told CNN this week.

Brazile, who managed Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000, is herself a super delegate.

I agree. Super delegates choosing the nominee would be a complete perversion of this process.

So where do the candidates stand? As with most things in the election cycle, Obama’s stance seem like common sense and Hillary sounds like an insider.

First Obama…

SEATTLE — Barack Obama said today that Democratic party superdelegates should throw their support to him if he wins the most states and pledged delegates.

“My strong belief is that if we end up with the most states and the most pledged delegates from the most voters in the country, that it would be problematic for the political insiders to overturn the judgment of the voters.”

Problematic? I think that’s putting it lightly.

Here’s what Hill has to say…

“Superdelegates are by design supposed to exercise independent judgment, that is the way the system works,” she told reporters after a town hall in Orono, Maine. “If Sen. Obama and his campaign continue to push this position which is really contrary to what the definition of a super delegate has historically been then I look forward to receiving the support of Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry.”

Let’s be clear that Kerry and Kennedy supported Obama before Hillary won Massachusetts. And I think it’s obvious that as long as Hillary agrees that she’ll go along with a “more pledged delegates” agreement, Kerry and Kennedy won’t matter.

And so it goes…

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