I’m watching CNN right now and they still have Obama trailing Hillary by 20 votes or so.

But this CBS story says he’s ahead…

Even Obama’s own campaign said they didn’t expect to win Maine, according to a document the campaign said was accidentally leaked earlier in the week.

In the delegate chase, Obama has pulled ahead of Clinton, even when the support of uncommitted super delegates is figured in. According to CBS News estimates, Obama holds a razor-thin lead with 1,134 delegates overall to 1,131 for Clinton.

The results in Maine came in the wake of a shake-up on the Clinton campaign. Sunday afternoon, Clinton campaign manager Patti Patti Solis announced she was stepping down from that post. She will be replaced by senior advisor and longtime Clinton confidant Maggie Williams.

I’m sorry but could we get some F***ING agreement between the networks with the delegate counts please? This shouldn’t be hard, and yet every single network has a different count. How in the hell are they determining all of these different numbers?

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