SurveyUSA has the numbers…

Big movement in Virginia following Mike Huckabee’s strong showing over the weekend in Louisiana, Kansas and Washington state. On the eve of the Virginia Republican Primary, it’s John McCain 48%, Mike Huckabee 37%. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA tracking poll released 72 hours ago, McCain is down 9, Huckabee is up 12. McCain had led by 32, now leads by 11.

That’s a pretty incredible swing, but as we’ve seen when people get to know Huckabee, they tend to really like him. And Huck has been getting a TON of media attention now that he has decided to stick in the race.

Here’s how those numbers break down in more discrete demographics….

Among Conservative voters, McCain had led by 21, now trails by 5. Among Pro-Life voters, McCain had led by 20 points, now trails by 6. Among voters in Southeast VA, McCain had led by 28, now trails by 12. Among voters focused on Immigration, McCain had led by 16, now trails by 17. Among voters who attend religious services regularly, McCain had led by 24, now trails by 2.

Could he? And if he did, would it mean McCain is in trouble as far as credibility is concerned? Because I think right now it’s pretty much assured that he’ll get the nomination, but what if Huckabee embarrasses him?

This is starting to get interesting again…

Politics Huckabee Set To Spoil In Virginia?