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Hillary Didn’t Expect A Fight


It’s all about hubris folks. She thought she’d have it wrapped up by now, and that’s why her campaign doesn’t have the resources it needs to stay competitive with Obama.

From the Observer:

“What’s gone wrong is very simple,” said Hassan Nemazee, a national finance chair for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“If we had won Iowa and New Hampshire, as we had anticipated, projected, et cetera, you would not have been in a situation in which you are losing all of these small states—because we didn’t put any resources in those small states,” he said. “Obama, on the other hand, put resources in these small states.”

Compounding the damage of the bad defeats in Iowa, and then South Carolina, Mr. Nemazee explained, was the lack of the necessary foresight to invest the campaign’s resources in the states that Mrs. Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama, is now gobbling up as fuel for his ever more threatening momentum.
“You needed to have a Plan B, and Plan B was just doing what we are doing right now rather than having resources in the small states,” he said. “We basically ceded every one of these small red states that he has racked up victories in. And the reason that he has racked up victories at this level isn’t because he was so much more well received, or because his message was any better; it was because we didn’t put any resources in there. We weren’t campaigning there. We didn’t have anybody in Utah, in Idaho, in the Dakotas. In Alaska.”

Long story short, Obama planned for a national campaign, and Hillary planned for a media campaign. And if this is the type of planning that “experience” brings, I think the Dems are better off with a less experienced candidate who doesn’t manage a campaign with staid, beltway insider logic. Because that’s proven to be a disaster in national elections.