She’s saying it…

Delivering a major economic address ahead of the Buckeye State’s crucial March 4 primary, Clinton also slammed Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as a lightweight, declaring: “My opponent gives speeches, I offer solutions.”

Earlier in the race, Clinton defended her relationships with business lobbyists, telling a blogger convention this summer that many of them “represent real Americans.”

But she took a very different stance today as she delivered as she delivered a “Solutions for the American Economy” address to General Motors employees in Warren, Ohio.

Bill’s saying it…

Two days after his wife’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama, drew 17,000 people to a rally in Madison, Clinton urged those who vote in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary to consider his wife’s experience. The Illinois senator and New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are locked in close race.

“It’s about whether you should choose the power of speeches over the power of solutions,” Clinton told several hundred people at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee. He said his wife has worked in a bipartisan fashion in the Senate on things like securing body armor for soldiers.

Chief Strategist Mark Penn is saying it…

Penn, who said this at least twice on the call, seemed to coin the phrase to encapsulate how they will try to frame the message going forward: Clinton will draw a “clear contrast” between herself and Obama by showing that she is in the “21st Century solution business and not the promise business.”

I’m sorry, what problems does Hillary give solutions for that Obama hasn’t? Oh right, there are none. So this is what you would call…A LIE.

And listen folks, I wouldn’t write about all this if it weren’t SO bad, but this is stupid bad. I mean, this stuff is so transparently dumb it pains me to think that these people could get this far in their careers and still come up with such intellectually dishonest nonsense.

I’m also guessing that Hillary is now calling her “speeches” something different like “21st Century solutions-driven conversations.” That way she’s ALWAYS giving solutions instead of speeches.

Ugh…I’m going to go pound my head against a wall for a couple minutes…

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