Why win?

Well first off she’s spending a bunch of money in a state that doesn’t really have a ton of delegates. This should be one of those insignificant states Mark Penn keeps talking about, and yet now it’s somehow extremely significant. Why? Because after 8 Ls, it’s important for her to actually get a W in her column.

For more proof of how Hillary has stepped it up, here’s another ad she’s running in the state countering Obama’s counter to her first “he’s afraid to debate me” ad.

Again, this means one thing: Wisconsin REALLY matters. It’s the reason she put an attack ad out there in the first place and is answering his answer. She really didn’t plan for a fight after Super Tuesday, and now things are getting more pointed…again.

Still, I listen to her “solutions vs. speeches” message and I just don’t think it’s going to happen for her. These talking points are easily countered, especially since they’re pretty much the same things she’s been saying about Obama since day 1.

I guess we’ll see…

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