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Why Obama Has To Like Dem Delegate Totals


He’s currently ahead by 131 pledged delegates, and still leads Hill by about 60 overall when super delegates are factored in.


*** Delegate update: The official NBC News hard count of pledged delegates is Obama 1,116 and Clinton 985. Conservatively allocating the outstanding 44 pledged delegates, toss in an additional 24 for Obama and 20 for Clinton. Then adding our superdelegate count (257 for Clinton, 182 for Obama), the GRAND TOTAL is Obama 1322, Clinton 1,262.

No wonder everybody thinks Hillary can’t catch up. Because at this point in the race, she would really have to blow him out of the water. The biggest spreads she’s had so far were +43 in California and +45 in New York, and I seriously doubt Ohio or Texas are going to be that kind to her. Maybe she’ll get +20 in Ohio, but Texas is looking to be a tie.

Also, why does she have to make up 131 instead of 60? Because I think it’s a pretty safe bet that as we get closer to the end and she’s still trailing in pledged delegates, the super delegates will start shifting back into roughly even numbers between the two and so she’ll to lose ground among that group. I could be wrong, but big names are already starting to shift.

More as it develops…