Courtesy of TPM:

ARG: Clinton 49%, Obama 43% (Feb. 16)

Research 200: Obama 47%, Clinton 42% (Feb. 15)

Rasmussen: Obama 47%, Clinton 43% (Feb. 14)

Strategic Vision (R): Obama 45%, Clinton 41% (Feb. 13)

PPP (D): Obama 50%, Clinton 39% (Feb. 12)

One thing they all show pretty consistently is that about 10% of voters haven’t made up their mind yet. Where will those votes break? That’s going to be the most important part of tomorrow’s story line.

I’m sorry, I completely didn’t see that Clinton was up in that latest ARG poll, but as TPM says they’ve been incredibly inaccurate over the course of this election. We’ll see if they’ve turned it around.

Again, a Clinton win in Wisconsin would be big. No doubt about that.

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