Yes, there are numerous different counts by numerous different media outlets. They’re all pretty close, but seriously folks…what’s so hard about some sameness? And why doesn’t the DNC have an official tally? Seems like this is a mess in the making.

From TPM:

CNN: Obama 1,301, Clinton 1,239.
CNN: Obama 1,140, Clinton 1,005 (Not counting super-delegates).

NBC: Obama 1,168, Clinton 1,1018 (Not counting super-delegates).

ABC: Obama 1,355, Clinton 1,261.

CBS: Obama 1,349, Clinton 1,252.

Associated Press: Obama 1,303, Clinton 1,233.

Washington Post: Obama 1,423, Clinton 1,297.

I said it last night and I’ll say it again: Wisconsin was the real firewall for Hillary. And since she didn’t stop Obama’s momentum, these are dark days for the Clinton camp.

As Obama’s campaign manager points out…

Plouffe says that Hillary needs to win Ohio and Texas by over 20 points each in order to begin to erase Obama’s lead in pledged dels right now. Even the campaign’s worst case scenario for March 4th, Plouffe says, leaves Obama with a lead in the range of 150 pledged dels.

Plouffe further points out that there are 560 total pledged dels in all the contests after March 4th, meaning that the Clinton campaign will have to win roughly three-fourths of those to erode Obama’s lead significantly remain in the game.

Plouffe’s bottom line: “They’re gonna have to win landslides from here on out.”

“Hillary” and “landslide” haven’t been showing up in very many headlines this primary season. I doubt that trend is going to change.

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