I know other blogs have been covering this story, but the politics of personal destruction aren’t very interesting to me so I’ve held off.

From what I’ve read so far, the NY Times story was thin to the point of being anorexic, but I don’t think the timing was suspect. If they had pushed this story in late December it would have hurt McCain A LOT more. And now that he’s the nominee, it has a lot less chance to hurt him. As evidence of this, I point to a lament by Romney politicos that if this would have come out sooner, their candidate could have benefitted from it. For those reasons I don’t agree with many bloggers on the whole timing argument.

I’m also waiting on the rest of the story. As TPM points out, the Time story is written in such a way that more is on the way. If that’s not the case, the Times should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously. The current story is THAT worthless. However, if the Times does have evidence of quid pro quo impropriety…well, that’s news and I think they could potentially be vindicated.

To McCain’s credit, he has gotten out in front of this one, held a press conference this morning and done all the things a candidate should do when an accusation such as this works its way in to the light of day. I, for one, hope the charges are unfounded, but I’m willing to wait and see what transpires next.

Politics About That McCain Story