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WASHINGTON – Barack Obama has won the majority of the votes of U.S. Democrats living abroad, including those living in Canada, who voted overwhelmingly for the Illinois senator.

Obama won about 65 per cent of the Democrats Abroad global primary, in which Democrats living in other countries voted by Internet, mail and in person.

According to results released today by the Democrats Abroad, an organization sanctioned by the national party, Obama won 62.4 per cent of 2,236 votes in Canada, while Sen. Hillary Clinton won 36.1 per cent.

More than 20,000 U.S. citizens living abroad voted in the primary, which ran from Feb. 5 to Feb. 12.

Voters living in 164 countries cast votes online, while expatriates voted in person in more than 30 countries, at hotels in Australia and Costa Rica, at a pub in Ireland and at a Starbucks in Thailand.

The Democrats Abroad controls seven pledged delegates at the party’s national convention this summer.

Obama’s large margin of victory didn’t mean much, though, as he won 2.5 delegates and Clinton won 2.

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The party will send 14 pledged delegates to the convention, each with a half vote. The primary was used to determine nine people, or the equivalent of 4.5 delegates. Obama won 2.5 and Clinton won two […]

Here’s a random question…what if somebody lost by half a delegate?

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