Now that’s a load of dough!


His campaign reported to the Federal Election Commission yesterday that he loaned his campaign $6.95 million during January to reach that total.

The former Massachusetts governor’s total self-financing puts him ahead of Steve Forbes, the publisher who spent $38 million on his unsuccessful run for the GOP nomination in 1996, but shy of the $63.5 million that H. Ross Perot spent on his 1992 third-party presidential campaign.

Romney’s total loan also equates to about $167,000 for each of the 253 delegates he won before suspending his campaign. By suspending his bid, Romney, who made an estimated $250 million as a venture capitalist, can keep raising money to possibly pay himself back.

And this was the guy who was claiming to be good with money?

I know that sounds like snark, but I’m serious. Sure, I can understand an initial infusion of cash to get things jumpstarted, but if a candidate can’t get enough donors to fund his or her campaign after that then do they really deserve the presidency?

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