It keeps going.

The right wing bloggers continue to accuse him of being wrong and even moderate bloggers suggest some level of naivete.

But let’s get the facts straight. Obama’s story checks out on the details. The troops were sent to Iraq instead of Afghanistan. Check. The Army captain (he was a lieutenant then) captured weapons and ammo because it was easier and quicker to get than through the military’s supply chain. Check.

Because remember, this is what he said…

You know, I’ve heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon—supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon,” he said. “Ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of those soldiers had been sent to Iraq. And as a consequence, they didn’t have enough ammunition, they didn’t have enough humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.

To this, Jason over at PoliGazette says this…

Thus, Obama’s correct to highlight a long-standing problem in the U.S. system of acquisition (I can state from personal experience that inefficiencies in military parts acquisition long predate 2003 or 2001), but his implication of a crippled U.S. military is misleading.

If Obama had suggested our military was crippled, I would agree. But he didn’t say that, nor did he even come close to implying it. All he said was “As a consequence.” That’s it. “As a consequence,” does not mean that he thinks the Army was crippled. What it does suggest is exactly what he said and has always said, that Iraq was a strategic mistake and diverted resources from Afghanistan. And that’s a fact, not hyperbole.

Again, Obama’s story checks out and does nothing to demonstrate inexperience on his part.

Now, am I suggesting that Obama is a military expert? No. He very well may be horribly inexperienced on military matters, but nothing I’ve heard from him yet proves that. In fact, when I check this stuff it always turns out in his favor, including his judgement pre-Iraq war when he basically predicted what would happen both in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So take that for what it is. We can call Obama inexperienced if we choose, but I haven’t seen any facts to back that up yet.

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