That’s right. Ed Morrissey is closing down Captain’s Quarters in favor of blogging at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air.

Jeezus H…

From CQ:

Michelle and I have different voices, and sometimes different points of view. Rest assured that Michelle respects these differences and wants them as part of Hot Air. My writing and my viewpoints will continue, and find even more encouragement than before. In fact, we look forward to debating on some of these points between her personal blog and Hot Air, much as we have between her personal blog and CapQ – with respect, affection, and the absolute belief that we have it right!

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on the respect and affection Ed. Especially if you get in her crosshairs. Because let’s not forget that Malkin is the hack who actually suggested that John Kerry SHOT HIMSELF ON PURPOSE. Yes, it happened on Hardball back in 2004. But she’s popular and maybe Ed needs the money. Who knows. Ugh.

What a shame…he really was one of my favorites on the right, but his credibility has definitely dropped today.

Not that she deserves it, but in the interest of balance here’s Malkin’s post about her appearance on Hardball. Compare her version of the events to the transcript and decide for yourself. Honestly, she’s so far gone I doubt she thinks she did anything wrong.

Oh, and there’s this…

Good luck at Hot Air Ed!

Other Captain Ed Joins Malkin? NOOOOOO!!!! It’s A Trap!!!