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Don Siegelman, Karl Rove And The Politics Of Destruction


I dare you to not watch this and get outraged. Because not only is the story of the key witness for the prosecution completely discredited, but it’s clear that Karl Rove was behind a campaign to get the goods on the former Governor of Alabama.

TPM weighs in…

60 Minutes’ piece is an excellent distillation of the case. There’s Republican lawyer Jill Simpson’s recollection of a conference call where Karl Rove’s friend William Canary recalled talking to his buddy Karl about sicking the Justice Department on Siegelman, saying that his “girls would take care of him,” referring to U.S. attorney Leura Canary (his wife) and another U.S. attorney in the state. And there’s the Justice Department’s renewal of vigor after the first prosecution against Siegelman fell flat on its face.

But there was more, the most significant revelation being that prosecutors had coached their star witness to the point where he had to write his carefully recollected testimony over and over again to make sure he got it right. Such notes, 60 Minutes reports, should have been turned over to Siegelman’s defense attorneys. They were not.

Simply incredible. This is what passes for justice in this country. And you know if a Governor can get sent to prison, what hope do the weak and innocent have when staring in the face of accusations?