They have a history with this, but the campaign has said they don’t think their staff had anything to do with it this time.

So should they be given a pass?

Here’s more from TPM:

Drudge reported this morning that Clinton staffers had “circulated” the photo. He didn’t say who circulated it, what level of Clinton staffer had circulated it, or to whom it had been circulated. Drudge is the sole source for this email’s existence. Nonetheless, the media has been all over the story today.

Asked if the campaign had any role, Wolfson said, “No, not to my knowledge…I’ve never seen that picture before. I’m not aware that anyone else here has. I’m not aware that anyone here has circulated this e-mail.”

Wolfson did say, however, that the campaign agreed with part of the message in the email — that if the same photo had appeared of Hillary, it would have been a big story: “It is a common view among this campaign and our supporters that there is a difference in how the media covers our campaign and how it covers Senator Obama.”

TPM says that’s says Wolfson “strongly” denied this, but it doesn’t read that way to me. Maybe they’re still grilling their staff about it and seeing if anybody will fess up?

However, I find it odd that Wolfson would take this opportunity to try and push the idea that the media is treating their campaign unfairly when its Obama who has been smeared today. Curious, no?

More as it develops…

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