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I have been back and forth with Justin over the last couple of months on the likelihood of Clinton overcoming Obama’s momentum and winning the nomination. After watching the post-debate coverage over the weekend, I realize now that the Democratic race is indeed over, and apparently only Hillary Clinton and her campaign is tragically unaware of this fact. As Justin said in a post today: “…this is why Obama’s winning and it’s why he’ll continue to win.”

Justin is certainly in good company with this assessment. There is a virtual unanimity of views in in the blogosphere and mainstream media. The meme of the day: The Clinton Campaign is dead, why doesn’t she just do the right thing and get out with dignity? Some samples:

Kristopher at The World Around You says to “Put a Fork in Her“, while Bill Quick of the Daily Pundit prefers the “stick a fork in her” phrasing as does pundit guy and the Hub Blog.

Doug Mataconis is attending to the “Hillary Clinton Death Watch” , while Kos says no need, she is already dead. Larry Kudlow also says it is over, over, over, and The New York Times metaphorically sees a darkening horizon (but I am not sure if they are invoking a setting sun or an approaching storm or – you know – that thing that always happens before the dawn). The Seattle times prefers a boxing metaphor, putting Hillary Clinton “on the ropes“. Andrew Sullivan finds that Hillary Clinton in the rear view mirror is still closer and larger than he would like.

Hillary Clinton is also getting a lot of advice. Gordo advises that “Clinton should back off” and Jonathon Alter at Newsweek wants her to “get out now“. The Zaftig Redhead wrote Clinton an open letter and posted it at TPM saying “Cease campaign operations — NOW. Call a press conference. Preferably before the Ohio and Texas contests.”

All this advice. All this certainty. All this unanimity. Perhaps I should just admit now that I was wrong all along about the Clinton campaign’s prospects. But that begs the question – What is Hillary thinking? Everyone knows the campaign is dead. Why would she continue to subject us all to this completely pointless campaign?

After all, the only way she could pull this out, is if she won in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Even Bill Clinton understands that and has said as much. There is just no reason to think there is any possibility of that happening, unless you want to put some stock in the meaningless fact that SHE IS LEADING THE POLLS IN ALL THREE STATES (although a virtual tie in Texas). Why does she not understand that she must get out of the race with dignity even though SHE IS LEADING IN PENNSYLVANIA, LEADING IN OHIO, and LEADING IN TEXAS? Nobody knows. After all, that outcome would only give her victories for EVERY SINGLE BIG CITY STATE IN THE COUNTRY INCLUDING NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, CALIFORNA, MASSACHUSETTS, TEXAS, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, FLORIDA*, and MICHIGAN*, excepting only Illinois. ALL OF THEM.

Not sure what is wrong with this Caps Lock key. It appears to be sticking. Whatever.

Now some silly, uniformed amateur political dilettantes might think that three big state victories in a row would bring the Obama “10 in a row” momentum to a full, four-wheel-lockup, tire-screeching stop. Some might think the momentum would then be in Clinton’s favor, just in time to provide political cover for the super delegates to “vote their [arm-twisted] conscience” about what is best for the Democratic party in November. You know, like winning all the big states.

Of course that would be a big mistake to think like that. Don’t pay attention to that scenario Hillary. Just get out. Don’t keep fighting. It’s all over. Please! Please! Consider these quotes and face reality:

Rasmussen says that Obama has an insurmountable lead in the polls, The Huffington Post says the Shaken Clinton Camp facing trench warfare after probable defeat and Keith Olbermann says “All right, if the polls are on the money there, it‘s Obama by at least a dozen… In that construction, what could possibly happen later on that would make this statement false: when the polls close… Barack Obama will have cinched the Democratic nomination?”. Justin Gardner adds “Obama Pulling Away In [the] Polls… The big bounce is upon us… This is extremely bad news for the Clinton camp.”

Oh wait. All of the links in that last paragraph were from just before the New Hampshire primary, which umm… Clinton won. My bad. No matter. That’s irrelevant. Just get out, Hillary. They will not all be wrong again. Just quit now for the good of the party and the country.

I guess I’ll throw in the towel also – Senator Clinton – let me add my voice to the chorus and net this out for you:

We don’t want a president that can pull off a come-from-behind, against-the-odds, back-against-the-wall victory using old fashioned hard ball politics. The Democratic Party does not want a fighter that might reverse the Obamentum at the end of the process with wins in Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Finally, we the American people don’t want a president that is willing to cut deals, trade favors, twist arms, and pull every trick in the book to win the nomination. If Obama has more elected delegates earned in a byzantine undemocratic nomination process that is over-weighted with caucuses and ignores Florida and Michigan, well that should be definitive, should it not?

I mean, in this world (It’s a small world after all), who would want a hard eyed, ball-cutting, arm-twisting, politically sophisticated, articulate, scary-smart policy wonk, who is a cutthroat negotiator, never gives up, figures every angle, a political realist and ruthless bitch sitting in the oval office and leading our country?

No, no, no – we don’t want that.

What we really want is the inspirational leader of a children’s crusade.

Can we fix it? “Yes we can.”

* You know what the asterik is for.

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