In response to the Obama picture today, some fellow bloggers are saying that Hillary and her surrogates couldn’t possibly be this stupid.

Well, I agree…I don’t think she’s that stupid, but she hasn’t said any of this stuff. However, she has surrounded herself with a bunch of politicos and surrogates who have demonstrated time and time again that they’re quite stupid. And as anybody knows who follow politics, the surrogates do the dirty work.

So here’s a sample of Obama smears perpetrated by Clinton’s surrogates during this primary season…

  1. The campaign puts out a press release about Obama’s kindergarten papers, which they say demonstrates he’s ambitious and has been planning a presidential run since, well, kindergarten. Obama still uses this one in his stump speech.
  2. Clinton’s co-chairman on her campaign in New Hampshire brings up Obama’s drug use as a reason to not vote for him because it’ll make him vulnerable in the general election. He is subsequently asked to step down.
  3. Mark Penn then goes on Hardball to apologize for the Obama drug mention, but then Penn says the word “cocaine” multiple times. This smear is so transparent that even Joe Trippi, John Edwards’ campaign manager, called Penn out on this.
  4. In Iowa, multiple high level volunteers spread “Obama is a muslim” emails. Noboby knows how widespread the emails have been distributed. The volunteers are asked to leave.
  5. Robert Johnson, billionaire founder of BET and BIG TIME Clinton donor, suggests that Obama was doing drugs while Bill and Hill were helping people. When confronted about this innuendo, he lies about it and says he was talking about Obama’s community organizing instead. The Clinton campaign accepts Johnson’s explanation and this is actually a case of where Hillary is ON RECORD herself saying she accepts his explanation when it is obviously false.

And yes, there are more, including all of Bill’s shenanigans in South Carolina, but let me instead focus on what her campaign was saying to reporters just TODAY after this latest Obama picture came out.

From Wash Post:

When Time’s Jay Newton-Small inquired about the Obama photo on Drudge, [campaign spokesperson Phil] Singer used the occasion to complain about the press’s failure to examine Obama ties to violent radicals who were part of the Weathermen of the 1960s. “As far as I can tell there was absolutely no follow-up on the part of the Obama traveling press corps,” he said.

Yes folks. In a room full of reporters, a Clinton SPOKESPERSON complains that the media isn’t asking questions about Obama’s ties to a radical 60s group that used terrorism to get their point across.

But by the way, the media has checked this out. There’s nothing to it.

In any event, if you’ve ever wondered why I’m so quick to defend Obama and call BS on the Clinton campaign, let this post serve as a small reminder. Because if you’ve paid attention you know that these are not just isolated incidents.

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